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What is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is the name of the combined procedure in which only orthodontic treatment is not sufficient to create a more aesthetic appearance on the face, in skeletal disorders, in which the jaws are cut after orthodontic treatment, that is, they are brought to their proper positions by surgery.

In cases where dental disorders are accompanied by jaw disorders, brace treatment alone is not sufficient, and jaw surgery may be required. Lower or upper jaw surgery planned by an orthodontist should only be performed by plastic surgeons specialized in this branch.

Orthognathic surgical treatment is the surgical treatment applied for patients who are not satisfied with their facial appearance. In adult patients whose growth and development period is over, incorrect jaw positions cannot be corrected only with orthodontic treatment (brace treatment). Along with brace treatment, the intervention of a plastic surgeon is required. Orthognathic surgical treatment is becoming more and more widespread thanks to the awareness of the society on this issue and technological advances.

Proper alignment of teeth can be achieved with orthodontic or orthopedic treatment. Relationships between the jaws can also be corrected to a certain extent. But in some cases, orthodontic treatment is insufficient. In such cases, a maxillofacial surgeon can work with the orthodontist to correct a severe anomaly by surgical method.

The aesthetic result obtained in a very short time is successful and nowadays orthognathic surgical treatment is becoming more and more common.