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Orthodontics in Children

After the first orthodontic examination at the age of 7 following procedures are applied:

1- The places of prematurely lost deciduous teeth should be protected with fixed or movable placeholders until the permanent tooth erupts . Thus, it is prevented that the permanent tooth that will be erupted remains impacted or that it protrudes towards the cheek and lip.
2- Skeletal problems are detected at this age and the family is informed about the treatments to be performed (Ex: Mandibular prolapse).
In the second orthodontic examination at the age of 9following procedures are applied:
After the second orthodontic examination at the age of 9 following procedures are applied:
1- Jaw stenosis can be easily corrected with screwed expansion appliances.
2- As soon as the teeth standing in reverse bite are seen, they are corrected with removable appliances.
3- The treatment of anterior open bite, which is caused by habits such as using bottles and pacifiers for a long time, and thumb sucking, is done with habit-breaking appliances.

In the orthodontic examination performed at the age of 10-11following procedures are applied:

1- Treatment of skeletal problems should be started at this age. The growth of the jaws is directed using  extraoral devices such as face mask and Headgear and functional devices such as bionators .
2- Fixed orthodontic treatment is started at this age. Teeth are straightened by virtue of braces and wires attached to the teeth.