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Orthodontics with Invisible Braces (lingual)

Lingual orthodontics is the most aesthetic form of orthodontic treatment performed by sticking the braces to the back surface of the teeth thereby making the braces invisible. It is an ideal treatment, particularly utilized in the treatment of adult patients. The applied braces are completely different from the braces applied to the front surface of the teeth. Inasmuch as the structure of the posterior surfaces of the teeth shows different slope and surface characteristics compared to the anterior surface, these braces are indirectly adhered to the teeth as a result of a special laboratory procedure.

Personalized braces and the force source wires to be used with the braces are prepared individually in accordance with the orthodontist's treatment plan and in accordance with the patient's dental anatomy. The smile aesthetics provided as a result of treatment with these braces are much more satisfactory when compared to fabricated lingual braces.