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Digital Orthodontics

With digital dentistry, these models are now obtained in a virtual environment with 3D scanning. In this way, the measurements required to create the treatment plan are much faster and more accurate.

Orthodontic treatments without the use of braces, such as Invisalign , are literally a product of digital dentistry. Invisalign treatment planning is done through a completely digital system, and transparent aligners are obtained from models created with 3D printers.

3D Intraoral Scan

It is obtained in digital environment by virtue of 3D Intraoral Scanning in order to create a treatment plan before orthodontic treatment. Taking measurements digitally provides great convenience and advantage as it does not require the use of large measuring spoons. In addition, your measurements obtained with a 3D color scanner can be modeled with a 3D printer.

Digital Planning

With orthodontic analysis and treatment planning software, it is possible to analyze all the details of case analysis, simulating orthodontic treatments, tooth extractions, interface abrasion and tooth movements. Real-time monitoring of occlusion, closure, virtual evaluation of treatment recommendations without wasting time, customization of treatment, error-free positioning of braces using software, appliance production, planned stages and preview of treatment can be done digitally.