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Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Basically, we can say that there are two types of treatment methods. There are movable devices which a person can put on and take off, and fixed devices that are attached to the teeth by the doctor. These can also be subdivided into subgroups. For example, mobile devicescan be for therapeutic or post-treatment reinforcement.

Fixed devices, on the other hand, can be roughly divided into braces attached from the back surface of the tooth, metal and aesthetic braces attached from the front surface. Everyone's problem and expectations are different. It is necessary to determine the type of treatment that will be most suitable for the patient. Materials and types of treatment differ.

Just as the age of treatment varies from person to person, the duration of treatment also differs according to the character of the problem. The shortest duration of treatment is 6 months. Treatments lasting 1-2 years are the majority. There may also be treatments lasting 3-4 years. In some special cases, like cleft lip and palate, the treatment period is extended. . It is definitely not a painful procedure. In the first one or two weeks, there may be some minor problems due to getting used to. Apart from this, the patient continues his normal life by paying a little attention to what he/she eats. It is necessary to see the doctor once a month for control and adjustments.