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Time to Go to the Orthodontist

There is no need to worry too much about the position of the first teeth (milk teeth) in children. The spaces between these teeth are an indicator of natural development. Tight contacts, such as in adults' teeth, may be an indication of future shortness of space, and therefore, crowding in the teeth. Permanent teeth begin to erupt at the age of 6-7, but between the ages of 7-9, there are not many problems until the incisors erupt. However, all milk teeth must be kept in place until they are replaced by permanent ones. 

Even if your family doctor refers you to an orthodontist at an early age, this does not always mean that treatment will be started very early. Most careful dentists want to make sure that a potential problem is under control and that the optimal time for treatment has not passed. While it is necessary to intervene in jaw problems in children at an early age, there is time for treatment only in cases where the teeth show irregularity.

Adult patients can also move their teeth, so there is no time limit for such treatments. It may be possible that increasing age prolongs the treatment period and complicates the treatment somewhat. However, the age factor is not as important as the healthy supporting tissues of the teeth.