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Causes of Orthodontic Disorder?

Opportunities offered by preventive medicine to patients may not have been utilized; for example, caries in milk teeth may not be treated with the logic of "it will change anyway", teeth may have been pulled out prematurely, fluoridation and fissure-preserving applications may have been ignored.
Genetic factors: It is important whether there is a similar anomaly in the family history, especially in individuals with skeletal disorders. Hereditary tooth deficiencies, narrow upper jaw, crowding problems can also be inherited to the child. In this case, the emergence of orthodontic problems is inevitable. What needs to be done is to take the child to regular dentist control, starting from the milk dentition period.  
Ear-nose-throat problems: (such as tonsillitis, presence of nose and adenoids; constant mouth breathing) can prevent the formation of jaw bones and cause tooth eruption disorders. 
Bad habits: Bad habits such as thumb sucking, using a pacifier or bottle for a long time, tongue sucking, lip sucking, pencil biting can also cause orthodontic disorders in teeth and jaw structures. 
Some muscle disorders can also cause orthodontic problems.